Laguna Concert Band
Do you have an event and need a full-size concert band?  We can also provide subsets of the full band, i.e., smaller ensembles. Here's what you can choose from:
  • "Laguna Concert Band" - the full concert band featuring MC Lona Ingwerson, vocalist Linda Hughes, and a variety of guest artists
  • "Swing Set" - Laguna Concert Band's first 17-piece Swing Band featuring vocalist Ginger Hatfield
  • "Third Street Strutters" - a Dixieland Band
  • "The Bolling League" - a small jazz ensemble dedicated to performing the works of Claude Bolling
  • "Laguna Flutes" - a flute choir
  • "Laguna Swing Society" - Laguna Concert Band's second 17-piece Swing Band featuring vocalist Lisa Morrice
Booking and General Information:
Matt Wood, President
phone: (949) 813-7202